Just a few of our vendors are listed below!  We look forward to you joining us!

Want to attend our fairs as a Vendor? 

Print the vendor forms below and (scan / email back) or mail back with payment:

Medina                                                                                               Pittsburgh      

Contact Karrie via email at knoterman@yahoo.com or call or text to 724-814-4702 or PM via the Ohpa facebook page

Exotic Pet Birds

Offering a wide variety of birds, toys, food, perches, cages, and treats for your feathered friend.  

5311 Market Street Youngstown, OH

Ekkie Toes Art

Drawings, sculpures, and original art pieces, including private commission.  Outstanding talent; unique interpretaions and mediums.

Parrot Hope Rescue

Dedicated to helping parrots in need, education, and finding excellent adoptive homes.  Parrot Hope places 100's of bird per year and is an active member of the community helping to raise awareness about the challenges of parrot ownership.  

Doris Straka

Animal Communication is the ability to open a telepathic communication line between animals and their families. Thus, helping them to better understand each other.  Communication Skills can help you to understand personality problems
Identify sources of pain and discomfort – both physically and mentally, decide compatibility – Know likes and dislikes,
understand history and source of odd behavior and much more.

Chew On This!

This company makes affordable and safe wood and leather toys that birds love to play with.  Exceptional materials and construction in every toy.

Flockatiels of Denis

This company offers the most wonderful handfed baby cockatiels

Red Feather Aviary

This company brings beautiful canaries to the shows along with a wealth of information about softbills.  

Sweet Tweet Aviary

This company brings supplements, finches, and much more to our bird shows!

Want to be a vendor?

Contact our Vendor Coordinator  Tammy Sims @ Two Bird Lovers

330-749-9651                               ​twobirdlovers@zoominternet.net

Natures Bird Perch and Toys

Natures Bird Perch and Toys offers hand made custom table top bird perches for all your fine feathered friends.  We specialize in natural grapevine creations.  These are natures designs, heat finished with untreated recycled lumber bases.


As a home-based Entrepreneur; I currently specialize in Parrot Products and Services for the Educated Owner. My focus is Organic/Natural Foods and Supplements; but I also have my Beesley Creations available for you to express the love you have for your companions        


Our Zoo to You

An amazing company that gives you the opportunity to have animals presented at school, private, or business functions.  Our Zoo to you is an educational and exciting chance to get close to wildlife.