Parrot Hope Rescue is an amazing organization dedicated to helping parrots and educating owners.  They will be attending both Medina shows and will be bringing many of the adoptable birds to the fair for you to meet.  Parrot Hope is the largest parrot rescue in Ohio and helps to place hundreds of birds into new homes each year.  Come meet some of the birds!

Ohio bird fairs has a wonderful variety of parrots for you to see and experience and possibly add to your family!  We have both excellent breeders and rescue organizations at our fairs to see which animals are the best fit for you.  There are also some of the vendors parrots in attendance.  We encourage you to come out and speak with us prior to purchasing a parrot!  Many of the vendors, staff, volunteers, and  club members in attendance are a wealth of information and will give you positive, truthful, honest information about life with parrots and general species characteristics.  If you are thinking about adding a parrot to your home - this is the place for you!!

We will be adding breeder and rescue information as well as birds for sale and adoption.  Check back soon!